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Listening Edge Records is the personal record label and private music teaching practice of Trevor Baron specializing in "project" based private music lessons. In addition Listening Edge Records offers free promotion to artists through customizable artist interviews published on the label’s website.

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Steve Morin & the Higgs Boson Project

Artists:  Steve Morin & the Higgs Boson Project Genre:  Progressive Rock Artist Biography: The Higgs Boson. A title not frequently heard of or talked about amongst the masses. The search for “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy” that make up more than 96% of our universe. It is the undiscovered particle thought to give matter mass. […]


Trevor Baron

Artist: Trevor Baron Genre: Orchestral Artist Biography: I was born in Saskatchewan in 1971 before moving to Edmonton Alberta in 1973. I was first introduced to the piano by my mother Karen Baron who taught music both privately and through a music school. I attended Laurier Heights Elementary School where my music teacher was Bob […]


Linna Zheng

Artist: Linna Zheng Singer Songwriter Artist Biography: I am a composer/singer-songwriter studying a non-music major at university. This summer, I picked up songwriting and loved every moment of it. I wanted to write lyrics and music that could reach people, but was afraid of having to make a song perfect on the first try. Out […]